Throughout the 50 Years of Medicine at Brown celebration, alumni, students, faculty, and staff will have opportunities to share what impact The Warren Alpert Medical School has had on their lives and careers as physicians and scientists. We’ll share their stories here.

“ What does it mean to be a Brown-educated physician? What would it mean 50 years from now? Those were the questions that we asked ourselves. How did we answer them? By becoming highly skilled, compassionate clinicians and researchers. Did Brown succeed? Did we succeed? Yes, we did ”

Christopher J. Morin MD’75, MBA Vascular surgeon
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“ Our faculty was supportive in a way not known to most medical students. Our class was never told that there was anything we couldn’t do—and so, in our professional lives, many of us have achieved far more than we would have ever predicted. ”

Patricia L. Myskowski ’72 ScM’74 MD’75 Dermatologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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All of our professors taught us how to be empathetic, compassionate, and lifelong learners. They were dedicated to teaching and mostly to the best care for the patients of Rhode Island.

Julianne Ip ’75 MD’78 RES’81, P’18 Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine, The Warren Alpert Medical School
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Julianne Ip, MD

“ Brown has a rich tradition in really having outstanding teachers and mentors at the Medical School. Being able to earn master’s and medical degrees simultaneously was a tremendous enabler for me to ... move forward and continue a career in biomedical research. ”

Griffin Rodgers ’76 MMS’79 MD’79, MBA Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
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“ Brown provided not only my education, but also my worldview. ”

Patricia Buss ’78 MD’81 RES’87, MBA Medical Principal, Cigna
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Brown is just this amazing place where there are no walls. ... That is the most important thing in innovation is to break down walls and have these interdisciplinary collaborations. That’s probably why I never left. It’s an amazing place.

Selim Suner ’86 ScM’87 MD’92 RES’96 F’04 Professor of Emergency Medicine, of Surgery, and of Engineering, Brown University
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Selim Suner, MD

“ I tell people that one of the biggest assets was the supportive, nurturing type of atmosphere. … It’s the ‘anything’s possible’ theory about Brown: if you want to do it, you probably can. ”

Anthony Lombardi ’89 MD’93 Primary care physician, North Providence, RI
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“ My mentors provided opportunities for me to grow individually and professionally, and the connectivity across generations enriched my education a great deal. Many of those connections exist to this day ”

Preetha Basaviah ’91 MD’95 Clinical Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean of Pre-clerkship Education, Stanford University
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“ Brown has been at the forefront of providing high-end and specialized care, but at the same time, the patient is not lost to statistics, tests, and biology. The patient is an individual and should be treated that way. ”

John Anastasatos ’92 MD’96 Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Los Angeles, CA, and Athens, Greece
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Connection to students is so important, looking them in the eye, understanding how overwhelming it is to be a student. … Teach them the one or two critical things that they will remember. You have to make it real for them.

Jonathan “Jake” Kurtis ’89 PhD’95 MD’96 Stanley Aronson Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Chair, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, The Warren Alpert Medical School
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Jonathan Kurtis, MD

“ Brown expanded my worldview, molded me as a doctor, gave me opportunity, and even informs my parenting skills. In other words, Brown changed my life. ”

Agueda Hernandez ’92 MD’96, P’25MD’29 Chief Medical Officer, Baptist Health South Florida
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“ I wanted to learn to be a good doctor humanistically and spiritually—to sit on the bed, hold a patient’s hand, and look them in the eyes. That’s what Brown really gave me was how to be a humanistic doctor. ”

Joshua Schiffman ’96 MD’00 Oncologist, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Utah
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“ My undergraduate concentration in religious studies and the Program in Liberal Medical Education both had a big impact on me. They showed me what it meant to take a global perspective, to work across disciplines, and how asking the right questions can be as hard as figuring out the answers. ”

Gregory Roth ’97 MD’02, MPH Associate Professor of Cardiology, Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Metrics Sciences, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington School of Medicine
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[T]he admissions committee asked me about my poetry. … When I wrote about my high school teaching experience and how it had led me to want to practice psychiatry, they trusted my curiosity and commitment. They wanted to know more.

Christine Montross MD’06 MMSc’07 RES’10 Author and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, The Warren Alpert Medical School
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Christine Montross, MD

“ Brown was the catalyst for our ability to become effective physicians and to find all of our interests outside of Brown and leverage that stuff to become who we are today. … People who go to Brown are a little bit different than everybody else, in a good way. ”

Peter Chai ’06 MMS’07 MD’10 RES’14 Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Harvard Medical School
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We’re the only major health center of the only academic medical school in the state. It’s a hub, and you see this real diversity in the city and state in terms of the patients that we care for.

Carla Moreira MD’08 RES’10 Vascular Surgeon, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Clinician Educator, The Warren Alpert Medical School
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Carla Moreira, MD

“ When I told Brown when I first applied that I’m going to take my first two years off to go and get my MBA, Brown said, 'Go for it. We’ll do anything you need to support it.' Other medical schools were like, no way, at all. ”

Tariq Ali MD’15, MBA Cardiac Critical Care Fellow, Mayo Clinic
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“ Brown is an awesome place to conduct research. From the perspective of a student, everyone is collaborative and has a ‘pay it forward’ mentality, where scientists share knowledge on their areas of expertise with those who need it. ”

Jeff Hofmann ’08 PhD’14 MD’16 Senior Scientist, Genentech
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Rhode Island is a very tight-knit community. Within a few degrees of separation, you’ll know someone or have a connection to them. Caring for your neighbors means so much. These people’s lives touch you in a way, and you form a bond more quickly.

Alexander Raufi ’08 MD’13 Oncologist, Assistant Professor of Medicine, The Warren Alpert Medical School
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Alexander Raufi, MD

“ My Brown education … really prepared me to take care of patients. Not just those who are sitting in front of me in an office setting one-on-one, but also people who are outside your walls—thinking about systemic issues that affect the health of a population, figuring out problems in a community, and then being able to address them through research and then working on a higher level with other providers to improve problems that you've identified. ”

Sofia Aronson ’14 MD’18 Plastic Surgery Resident, Northwestern Medicine
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“ The Warren Alpert Medical School has given me the opportunity and confidence to pursue a diverse skill set. It’s very empowering to know that in the future, I won’t just be a physician—I’ll also be a coder, a businesswoman, and a teacher. ”

Karishma Bhatia ’15 MD’20 Anesthesiology Resident, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
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“ I want to be a physician who advocates for the historically disenfranchised—people like my parents—who have to navigate our complicated health care system after immigrating to this country. By supporting my work with free clinics and facilitating my engagement with the community, Brown encourages me to stay true to my values. ”

Oswaldo E. Subillaga MD’22
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