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Our students live, learn, and thrive within a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates intellectual curiosity and rigor while encouraging personal and professional growth.

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The Office of Student Affairs works alongside the Offices of Medical Education and Diversity and Multicultural Affairs to provide academic, personal, and career advisement.

ODMA Promotes social responsibility, active engagement, and the well-being of our communities in the pursuit of health equity is of vital importance to Brown University.
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At The Warren Alpert Medical School, students have access to a network of offices and programs that provide support across all aspects of their lives.
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The Office of Medical Education and Continuous Quality Improvement (OME-CQI) oversees the four-year, competency-based curriculum at AMS.
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Campus Life

Life in Providence

Rhode Island's capital is one of New England's most populous cities and holds no shortage of exciting and unique options for exploration and discovery.

Meet Our Students

Students at The Warren Alpert Medical School thrive in a collaborative culture that encourages them to think beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Events at Brown

Biology and Medicine Events

  • Virtual

    COVID-19 Data Tutorial II

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    Join us Friday, June 5 at 12 PM for a videoconference discussion of COVID-19 data.

    We will also use a chat system called Babylon House for facilitating the discussion. You can go ahead and join that classroom here:

    If you’d like a very short introduction to using Babylon House as a meeting participant, check out this video:

    Last time, we explored publicly available data sets and discussed some of the challenges inherent in drawing inferences and making predictions. You can find information from that session (including a Jupyter notebook) here:

    This time we’ll explore methods for estimating the crucially important quantity Rₜ (the average number of new infections generated by each infectious individual, at time t). The discussion will be accessible, introducing the data analysis tools we’ll use along the way.

    Hosted by Samuel Watson, Director of Graduate Studies, Data Science Initiative.

    Please sign up with the ‘Register Here’ link above to indicate that you are participating.

  • Virtual

    Carney Conversations: Humans to robots

    Location: Zoom Cost: Free
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    Join the Carney Institute for Brain Science for a conversation about the future of robotics and ethical concerns with Stefanie Tellex, associate professor of computer science at Brown University. 

    This event will be moderated by Diane Lipscombe, Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Director of the Carney Institute, and Christopher Moore, associate director of the Carney Institute.

  • Virtual

    Health Disparities and COVID-19

    Show Details
    Part of the Decoding COVID Seminar Series
    Presented by
    Amal Trivedi, MD
    Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Brown School of Public Health
    Professor of Medicine, The Warren Alpert Medical School

    Dr. Trivedi is a general internist and health services researcher who studies quality of care and health care disparities, with particular emphasis on the impact of patient and provider incentives on quality and equity of care.

    Diana Grigsby-Toussaint, PhD
    Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences
    Dr. Grigsby-Toussaint is a social epidemiologist whose research seeks to capture complex processes in the food, social and built environments to facilitate a better understanding of their influence on what has been coined the three pillars of health:diet,physical activity and sleep. She is particularly interested in vulnerable (e.g., low income) and racial/ethnic populations across various stages of human development. 

    Continuing Medical Education credit is available.

  • Carney Methods Meetups


    Join the Carney Institute for a weekly informal gathering on methods for brain science, featuring rotating topics selected by you, the Brown brain science community! Please vote for next week’s topic using this form .


    This week’s topic is Data dimensionality reduction. We will be joined by Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou, Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Director of the Statistical Consulting Unit in the School of Public Health


    Please note, this workshop requires you to be logged into Zoom through your Brown account. Click to learn more .