Library Resources

The Health and Biomedical Sciences Library department provides services to Division of Biology and Medicine faculty and staff.

The Health and Biomedical Sciences Library offers a variety of resources and services to help you with your research. Their knowledgeable librarians can assist with:

  • Research planning
    • Finding funding
    • Writing a data management plan
    • Finding data
  • Conducting research
    • Locating/identifying critical data sets
    • Providing rapid evidence searching and synthesis services
    • Conducting a comprehensive literature review / identifying appropriate review methodologies
    • Organizing citations
    • Analyzing and visualizing data
  • Publishing and sharing research
    • Compliance with funders' public access policies
    • Depositing research products into a repository
    • Getting a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
    • Measuring the impact of your research

Please contact us to schedule a meeting or consultation with our team.

Health and Biomedical Science Librarians