Past Events

Opening Ceremony and Reception

“The present never tells us the whole story. We must acknowledge the past to define what the present and what the future will tell us.”

This was the advice of Dr. Jeffrey F. Hines, a 1986 graduate of the Warren Alpert Medical School, to the members of the medical school community gathered to commemorate a half century of Brown’s impact in medical education and research. Hines borrowed from Shakespeare's concept of "what's past is prologue" as he addressed hundreds of past and present students, faculty members and staff, as well as parents, friends and community partners. 

The Friday, April 29, event — hosted by the University under a balloon-festooned tent on Pembroke Field — served as the Opening Celebration for 50 Years of Medicine at Brown, a 15-month series of celebratory, reflective and scholarly activities planned to honor distinctive and innovative elements of Brown’s approach to medical training and biomedical innovation.

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