Dr. Sheyla Medina to speak to fellow classmates at Virtual Degree Conferral

Dr. Sheyla Medina, one of nearly 50 students who volunteered to graduate early and join the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, will deliver remarks to her fellow MD'20 classmates at Brown's Virtual Degree Conferral on May 24.

Medina, who received her M.D. on April 15, didn't take a traditional route to medical school. Instead, it was her work in Laos working on project development of health services for communities where health care is scarce. That experience vaulted her to continue her education -- and landed her at the Warren Alpert Medical School.

Medina's remarks Sunday will focus on her journey and will emphasize her experience at Brown -- and the support she received during the vigorous process of studying to receive that M.D.

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