Medical and Graduate Admissions

The next generation of leaders in the medical field share a common vision -- a passion for exploration and discovery, and a desire to find new ways to change the world through medical treatment and research.

Learn more about how to apply for the MD degree program and our combined master's and doctoral programs — including the first-of-its-kind MD/ScM degree in primary care and population medicine.
The Warren Alpert Physician-Scientist MD/PhD and Advanced Training Program prepares students for rewarding careers where they can pursue research questions that will have an impact on their patients’ health.
Brown Gateways to Medicine, Health Care, and Research provides academically promising, motivated students new pathways to careers in the health sciences. The program offers two courses of study: A Master of Science (ScM) or a Certificate in Medical Sciences.
The ScM in Medical Physics combines a rigorous curriculum, superb clinical settings, and unique focus on research training that prepares students for professional success.